July 19 – Yarmouth to Weymouth

By | July 19, 2012

The wind had dropped (Thursday mid morning), down to 15 knots from 20 knots in the night, but with a decreasing forecast it meant we could leave for Weymouth. The sun came out and all of yesterday's still undried washing could be hung back on the rail to dry.

The mooring lines were slipped at 11:30 and we took the first of the tide west out of the Solent. The move to Yarmouth a few days ago proved really useful as we were now able to make the best use of the west going tide. If we had not had done so we would have been faced with plugging the tide on our approach to Weymouth at the end of the day.

The Needles Channel, Isle,of Wight

The Needles Channel, Isle,of Wight

The Needles channel was very lumpy but provided a rapid 7 KN exit from the Solent. As the wind was right on the nose with lots of lumpy bits, we ended up tacking all the way across to Poole. Then turning south to clear St Albans head.

The final 15nm, very lumpy long tack to Weymouth took us through the edge of the St Albans race but we held the tide most of the way across the bay to Weymouth.

The Dorset Coast

The Dorset Coast

After a 45 NM trip we are now tied up in Weymouth; which is where this Round Britain trip was first conceived, two years ago, in a pub on a delivery trip back fro Dartmouth Regatta.

Weymouth Harbour

Weymouth Harbour - from the lifting bridge

All is quiet now and we are planning our final leg (50NM) tomorrow to Dartmouth. The weather looks good but we cannot set off until midday as we have to wait for the tide round Portland Bill.

Only one more leg to go!

More tomorrow after we arrive in Dartmouth. It will be late so probably no blog entry until Saturday morning.

Passage Statistics

  • Yarmouth to Weymouth: 45nm / 7 hrs
  • Sailed 0 hrs / Motor-sailed 7 hrs
  • Distance from start: 1873 NM
  • Distance left to go back to Dartmouth: 50 NM

See a map of the whole journey plus a spreadsheet of the daily passage stats

Round Britain in Dawn Treader - Yarmouth to Weymouth

Yarmouth to Weymouth - 45NM




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