Fitting Out Update: Anchor Chain Problems

By | March 1, 2012

The big push is on to get ready for launching in the first week of April. Then there will still be a month of on-the-water preparations before our departure date of May 5th.

See the plan page for more details of the route.

New anchor chain: good job I changed it!

After reading Scottish cruising guides I decided to increase the amount of chain to 60 metres. In doing so found a very scary problem which is now fixed.

The original 40m chain had a shackle at the onboard end of the chain which was was in turn attached to a piece of line for quick release. Unfortunately the shackle was so rusted that it had to be cut off (more than 30mins with a hacksaw!) The shackle would not have gone through the chain pipe and anchor winch!

Would have meant that the anchor and chain could not have been released – without the hacksawing! Not something I would want to do as we were dragging towards the rocks!

Glad I bought the new chain …. A lot of extra weight but I am sure I will sleep at lot easier at anchor in some lonely Loch.

Antifouling now complete

The good weather this week meant the anti-fouling could be completed.

Used the usual two and half big tins but at least it done. She looks ready for sea now even if there are weeks of other work yet!

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