May 19 – Second Day stuck in Carlingford Marina

By | May 19, 2012

Our second day stuck in Carlingford marina has brought blustery but dropping wind conditions. The forecast is good for tomorrow, light NE going easterly so we will make our escape on to Ardglass; 20 nm up the coast and in Northern Ireland.

Yesterday was spent visiting the small tourist town of Carlingford. It is interesting as it has old number of mediaeval streets fortified ruins; some of which have been restored in a somewhat ‘Disneyfied’ manner.

Carlingford Abbey

We wandered around and found a lively pub with live music and the expected amount of Guinness.

Bread Making

Joe finally made bread on board using a premixed, but not kneaded, packet and the pressure cooker.

Note you don’t use the cooker at pressure just the heaviness of the pan and to avoid having to use up lots of scarce gas resources!

Another update tomorrow …

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