July 11 – Dover – Stormbound

By | July 11, 2012

It's blowing F6/7 outside today so we are off to visit Dover Castle.

Dover harbour - blowing force six

That's why we are not going out today!

The castle stands on the top of the chalk hills behind the town of Dover and getting up to it provided us with some much needed exercise. Dover Castle was built by Henry II in the 12th century and is the largest castle in England. The Romans were there first though and built a couple of lighthouses, called a Pharoses, and one still survives in the castle grounds.

Dover Castle with Roman Pharos

Dover Castle - view of the Roman Pharos

Run by National Heritage, it costs £16.50 to get in, which sounds a bit steep. We were there for four hours and probably only saw half of what was on offer. It turned out to be well worth the entrance fee.

The castle itself is in remarkably good condition, having what looks to be the original flooring and roofing; all still in place. National Heritage have furnished the chambers with medieval and highly decorative furniture and furnishings. The effect combined with the lighting is very realistic. There is a maze of rooms and passages to explore.

The interior of Dover Castle

Bed chamber inside Dover Castle

The second area of interest to us was the Secret Wartime Tunnels. Sadly no photographs allowed but you can see some on the English Heritage site here. The tunnels were used as a command centre and a military hospital. The Dunkirk evacuation was coordinated from the tunnels.

It looks like there maybe a small weather window first thing tomorrow (Thursday) morning to do the 45nm to Eastbourne. Thats our plan, but as always it depends on the weather forecast in the morning.

More tomorrow …


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