July 10 – Ramsgate to Dover

By | July 10, 2012

Well Ramsgate to Eastbourne has now turned into Ramsgate to Dover!

We set off at 07:30 to do the 60 miles to Eastbourne. The weather forecast was SW F4/5 with 6 in the east. It started really well with flattish sea and a F4 wind. The first 10 miles, from Ramsgate past Deal and down to South Foreland, just flew past.

Just off Deal we heard a broadcast on VHF which warned us of WWII bomb on the seabed which was to be blown up in 5 mins time! The position given was about 3 miles from where we were. No sign of any boats though. Joe sat there with his camera waiting for the big bang and the splash. Nothing happened. Maybe it was all underwater.

As we rounded South Foreland, Dover Harbour came into view. Unfortunately so did the ferries; lots of them. We had to do a series of tacks and slowing down to get across the double harbour entrances. At least we had AIS and could see the predicted closest approach distances and do something about it.

Once past the eastern entrance the sea really built up. The wind was a F5 to 6 but the swell was very big and the waves were breaking. Time for a strategic withdrawal into Dover marina.

Dover harbour entrance

Rough conditions off Dover harbour

As we sat on the boat having lunch we were visited by a seal in the marina. It was really tame and swam right up to the back of the boat. I guess he does not like SW F6 either.

Seal in Dove harbour

Seal next to Dawn Treader in Dover Marina

Well here we are in Dover, and will probably be here for a couple of days, as tomorrows forecast is even worse. At least we are 20 nm nearer Eastbourne.

Finally I have prepared a short 1 minute video from the footage I shot of the Tide Mill working at Woodbridge. Not related to Dover, but if you read the Woodbridge post, it might be interesting.

More tomorrow …

Passage Statistics

  • Ramsgate: 20nm / 4 hrs
  • Sailed 0 hrs / Motor-sailed 4hrs
  • Distance from start: 1679 nm
  • Distance left to go back to Dartmouth: 240 nm

See a map of the whole journey plus a spreadsheet of the daily passage stats

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