July 13 – Eastbourne Stormbound

By | July 13, 2012

A day off in Eastbourne due to windy SW weather. A good chance to rest and do the usual boat jobs and buy essential supplies. The engine has been checked after it started making a strange whining noise yesterday every time we went up a big wave! We checked it over, no problems, just topped up the oil.

Eastbourne marina has loads of coffee shops and gift shops so we availed ourselves of them. Sitting outside Mediterranean style, but having to dive inside between showers kind of destroyed the effect.

Tomorrow we are off to Brighton at 08:30. A civilised time and expect to be there by mid afternoon. We have been told that we have to be out of the lock here before 09:00 as there is a big power boat racing event tomorrow.

Power boat in Eastbourne Lock

Power boat in Eastbourne Lock

More tomorrow after we arrive in Brighton …

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