July 14 – Eastbourne to Brighton

By | July 14, 2012

The plan was to lock out of Eastbourne at 08:30 bound for Brighton.

It all started well until the boat refused to leave the pontoon. A quick check by David found that we still had a bow line attached! Things went from bad to worse as David tried to get ashore and found himself spread eagled between the pontoon and the boat. Seconds away from falling in David sprung himself upright. With egg on our faces we slunk into the lock.

Once out of the lock we headed south to round Beachy Head. The sea was building and it was already SW F5, gusting 6. In no time at all the wave height increased and we were bashing into a heavy sea. Dawn Treader handled it well and we flew along at 7 KN. After obtaining 10 miles offing we tacked for Brighton – 15 NM away, and did it in one long tack.

This was the first day of proper saiingl we have had for many days and it was really exciting. Unfortunately there was no opportunity to take photos as we we to busy managing the boat.

Live music in Brighton

After arriving in Brighton at 14:00 we waited for John to arrive – our new crew member. It's now late evening and after a good meal and some live music we are ready for tomorrow's sail to the Solent. Its a 50 NM trip.

Finally here is picture of Dawn Treader's sister ship which we saw today!

Dawn Treader's sister ship

More tomorrow …


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