Day 5 – May 9 – Falmouth to Milford Haven

By | May 9, 2012

The next day we rounded Lands End bound for Milford Haven, a 133 NM overnight passage. We had planned to stop at Newlyn, a small fishing port just to the west of Penzance, but the weather situation was deteriorating. It would be better to round Lands End before we we became stormbound.

The weather was calm, sunny but wind right on the nose, so we motor-sailed just off the wind for Lands End. Our route took us inside the Longships lighthouse. A narrow channel, 0.1NM wide. Quite exciting but it saved miles and a lot of time. Once round Lands End the course was set for Milford Haven. During the night we were accompanied for an hour by a pod of 20 Dolphins, playing in the reflections from our navigation lights.

Our arrival at Milford Haven at midday the following day was just as the weather began to break. We ended up being stormbound in Milford for two days but at least we escaped the English Channel and are well on the way to Ireland.

Lands End

Lands End from inside the Longships

Lots and lots of rain but no wind meant we motored all night with only two other ships seen until daylight.

Dolphins at daybreak

Dolphins at daybreak

We were joined by a pod of dolphins – must have been at least 12 – which stayed with us for well over an hour.

Now in Milford Haven marina with the 'tent' up on the back of the boat listening to the rain hammering on the hull. Here until Friday morning when we plan to leave for Fishguard and then next day to Arklow in Ireland.

Falmouth to Milford Haven (133NM)

Falmouth to Milford Haven (133NM)





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NoMail on May 10, 2012 at 8:33 pm.

how about a running log of distance motored vs distance sailed?


joebarrett on May 11, 2012 at 11:01 am.

Thanks – I have added the stats so far to the bottom of the latest (today’s) post. Will be putting the leg stats on each post from now on.


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