June 20 – Eyemouth to Amble

By | June 20, 2012

We left Eyemouth at 07:00 to head for Amble some 45 nm south. Not only south but in England! It is surprising that of the nearly 1300 nm travelled so far only 200 of them have been in England. The rest being in Wales, the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

After leaving Eyemouth, accompanied by the whole fishing fleet, we headed for Holy Island, also called Lindisfarne, in the Farne Islands. Which lays about 20 miles south of Eyemouth. We decided to anchor for lunch just off Lindisfarne castle. What a place, a great view of the castle as we as being accompanied by a large number of seals which decided to pop up all around us.

Seal off Lindisfarne Castle

It is noticable that there is far more wildlife on the east coast of the UK, than on the west coast. Especially the in the variety of bird life. Today we saw terns, puffins, razorbills, kittiwakes and guillemots. All feeding within a short distance of the boat.

As we sailed down there was a Coastguard rescue taking place. The VHF told us that a trip boat had hit a rock in the Farne Islands. No one was hurt but it must have ruined their day. In Scotland We almost nothing was heard on VHF of yachts or other boats getting into difficulty; there are far fewer boats and people up in Scotland we assume?

The wind came back after lunch and we were soon sailing past castle after castle. This coast is strewn with old castles. Bamburgh is very striking as well as the ruins of Dunstanburgh.

Bamburgh CastleDavid with Bamburgh Castle on the shore
Dunstanburgh castleDunstanburgh castle


Currently in Amble marina which calls itself the The Friendliest Marina. They could be right. Great service so far. The marina man help us moor as well as pointing out the best places to eat. Good clean showers plus a chandlery. We are here for another day due to bad weather so have time to explore.

Today’s passage stats and chart

Eyemouth to Amble: 45nm / 10 hrs (1 off at anchor)

Sailed: 4 hrs / motored: 5 hrs

Total distance since start: 1271 nm

Eyemouth to Amble


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