June 19 – Arbroath to Eyemouth

By | June 19, 2012

We were sorry to leave Arbroath as is was one of the best harbours so far on the whole trip. A gem of a place with pretty houses around the quay and a active and busy fishing harbour.

The lock gates opened at 11:30 And we set off to do the 40 mile trip to Eyemouth. In the harbour it had been flat calm and it was a surprise to find a good sailing wind outside. The wind was not quite where we wanted it but at least there was wind!

The Bell Rock lighthouse – Firth of Forth

A good sail was had out and past the Bell Rock lighthouse. It was now apparent that we would not get to Eyemouth until after dark if we kept sailing, so it was time to motor sail.

The boredom of motorsailing was broken only by being continually buzzed by fighter jets; Eurofighters which are incredibly noisy. Contrast this with the elegant squadrons of Gannets which were flying across Dawn Treaders bows on a mission of their own.

We had a smokies and brown bread for lunch and then soaked up the sunshine as we crossed the Firth of Forth.

Firth of ForthSunset over the Firth of Forth

Bella Rosa overtook us also heading for Eyemouth. They later helped us moor as we came alongside them in Eyemouth.

EyemouthEyemouth harbour

The entrance into Eyemouth is very shallow and we were coming in an hour before low water. We were just about to come alongside Bella Rosa when we touched the bottom. A quick reverse out the way we has come sorted the problem out and we were soon alongside.

Eyemouth entranceLooking back out of Eyemouths narrow entranc

Tomorrow we leave Scotland – the border with England is only a few miles south of Eyemouth – and head for Amble, picturesque river and a a marina. The weather is breaking again and Amble looks a good place to be stormbound!

Today’s Passage stats

Arbroath to Eyemouth: 45 nm / 9 hours

Sailed 2 hrs / motored 7 hours

Total distance run since start: 1226nm

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