June 17 – Peterhead to Aberdeen

By | June 17, 2012

We left Peterhead at 11:30 bound for Aberdeen. It’s just David and Joe now as Andrew has left after completing the top part of the journey; Ullapool, Orkney and on to Peterhead.

A few miles south of Peterhead we passed Slains Castle, near Cruden Bay, which is reputed to be Bram Stokers inspiration for Dracula. We hung the garlic on the hatches as we passed as it looked ‘well spooky’ from offshore!

Slains Castle - Bram Stoker - DraculaSlains Castle, Cruden Bay

Aberdeen is a very busy port which we were told would not be ‘yacht friendly’. We called up Aberdeen Vessel Traffic Services, expecting to asked to move on … , but they were as nice as could be. We were asked to hold station outside while a number of big ships came in and out.

The AIS picture - Dawn Treader - waiting to enter Aberdeen HarbourThe AIS picture – Dawn Treader – waiting to enter Aberdeen Harbour

Then, after a cup of tea, clearance was given, we were told to proceed to the end of the Albert Dock and in we went at the advised full speed.

We are currently at the head of the Albert Dock tied up against a classic yacht – Duet – a 22m, 100 year old, gaff yawl formally owned by the Courtauld family; also on her way around Britain, but going the other way.


Interestingly tonight we have Dawn Treader (CS Lewis – Narnia) lying alongside Duet, who is is one of the vessels owned and operated by the the Cirdan Trust. (Cirdan is a character in The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien).

The Cirdan Trust provides adventure sailing for young people. Here is a link to Duet’s round Britain blog.

Tomorrow (Monday) at 07:00 we plan to leave for Arbroath. A nine hour 45nm trip.

Today’s Passage Stats

Peterhead to Aberdeen: 25nm / 6 hrs

sailed : 2 hrs / motored 4 hrs

Total distance since start: 1137 nm

Peterhead to Aberdeen


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