June 18 – Aberdeen to Arbroath

By | June 19, 2012

Aberdeen was very busy at 07:00 when we wanted to go. It was to be expected but we ended up waiting for nearly 2 hours. Sitting in a queue to leave is not what cruising is about, but it was worth going to Aberdeen to get the experience of entering and leaving a big harbour. Not one to be repeated any time soon!

Leaving Aberdeen in the Murky weather

Prior to leaving we fixed a mainsail batten car which had come apart. Dawn Treader uses Friedriksen sliding ball cars to reduce mast friction but the ball and socket press fit joint had come apart. A bit of gentle persuasion with mole grips soon had it back in service. A spare will be order to be picked up further on.

Mainsail Batton CarBatton Car which had to be repaired

As we left Aberdeen we were greeted by soft rain and a lumpy sea but no wind. After a few hours of motor-sailing the sun appeared, the wind picked up on the beam and we were sailing again at a steady 7 knots.

Montrose harbour – another busy commercial port – opened up our on our starboard beam. We decided to keep out.

Montrose Harbour

Montrose – we hurried past!

The far prettier town of Arbroath lay 20nm further south. We slalomed our way through a maze of fishing pots – all with trailing lines waiting to snarl the unwary yacht.

The entrance to Arbroath harbour opened up and in we went. To be greeted by yet another friendly harbourmaster.

Arbroath harbourArbroath harbour

Arbroath, in Angus, is famous for its Smokies. Smoked haddock – a fish low in bones and very tasty Local legend says that a shop caught fire one night, destroying barrels of haddock preserved in salt. The following morning, the people found some of the barrels had caught fire, cooking the haddock inside. Inspection revealed the haddock to be quite tasty!

Smokery - Arbroath

Round the quay and the rest of the town some 15 local businesses still produce Arbroath smokies, selling them in major supermarkets in the UK and online. We had Smokies for supper, with brown bread and white wine. Lovely.

Tomorrow takes us 40nm across the Firth of Forth past the infamous Bell Rock light house, to Eyemouth and nearer the Scottish border with England.

Today’s Passage Stats

Aberdeen to Arbroath: 44 nm / 6 hrs

Sailed: 2 hrs / motored 4 hrs

Total distance since start: 1181 nm

Aberdeen to Arbroath
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