June 16 – Peterhead (Stormbound day 2)

By | June 16, 2012

A second day stormbound in Peterhead was relieved by two exciting incidents.

Fog Horn Gas Alert

Firstly whilst rummaging around in the cockpit under-seat locker the gas canister on a hand held air powered fog horn started to empty.

This would normally not be a problem as the gas should be non flammable, but we could smell real (explosive type) gas, not air. Quite a bit had escaped into the seat locker and when Joe checked it with a hand held gas detector it was confirmed as real gas.

A check of the canister showed it did contain inflammable gas. The other air-horn refills we have are all non flammable!

The boat had to be carefully ‘cleaned’ of the gas using the manual bilge pumps and each bilge board lifted and checked with the gas detector.

So the moral here is check your fog horn gas canisters and make sure they contain non flammable gas. We bought ours from a proper marine chandlers so this should not have happened.

Wind Instrument Blues

Secondly we could not find Andrew anywhere!

Looking up we saw him hiding at the top of the mast.

He was up there to examine the mast head connections on the wind instrument, a Raymarine ST60, which has mot worked for the last week.

We have checked all of the wiring and it still refuses to work. The mast connections seem to be ok but we are stumped. For the tme being we will be measuring wind speed by the feel of it on our faces and the pressure on the tiller.

The weather looks ok tomorrow to leave Peterhead to travel south. Aberdeen is our safe bolt hole but we may be get further.

Sunset over Peterhead

Sunset over Peterhead

More tomorrow …


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