May 25 – Ardfern to Oban (30nm)

By | May 25, 2012

Left Ardfern for Oban – Dunstaffnnage marina – in full sun shine and gusty winds. Heading for the Dorus Mor – then through opposite the notorious Corryvreckan whirlpool. Fortunately for us it was a calm day and we had worked out the tides so we survived!

A quick Slalom through some minor islands with off lying rocks took us over to the Sound of Luing. This is a choke point for the tide and in less than ideal conditions one to be reckoned with. Today it was fine.

We shot between two lighthouses at 9 knots using our super duper AIS iPad when suddenly the iPad decided that it was too hot in the sun! It said “iPad needs to cooldown”

Fladda light – Sound of Luing

A quick check on the chartplotter – as well as the chart on the table – showed all was under control. The iPad was right. It was hot – 30 deg below decks.

As we approached the tiny island of Easdale – which many years ago was a major supplier of slate until it was engulfed by the sea – the wind kindly followed us around and our course change meant we did not have to adjust the sails.

There now followed a cracking sail up the north east side of Kerrera Island and even though we changed course through 60 deg the wind stayed just right for us to sail witout tacking. Must be this strange mountain weather!

Approaching Oban

Finished by a screaming in towards Oban marina. David’s hands had to be pried off the tiller before we could take the sails down.

Still light at Dunstaffnnage Marina Oban at 11.00 pm!

We hope this stunning weather will continue. Day off tomorrow to provision for the second leg of the trip – Oban to Wick.

Today’s Passage details

Ardfern to Oban: 30nm / 5.5 hrs

Sailed: 5 hrs / motored 0.5 hrs

Total distance run: 611 nm


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1 Comment

Michael Kellett on May 26, 2012 at 12:40 pm.

Hello Joe – nice to see it going so well. You had better luck than in 1990 with me in JustusTwo when it took us 9 hours to get from Gigha to Croabh – your comment in the log is “Motored ALL day”.
I’m following your progress with some envy !


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