June 13 – Wick to Whitehills (Moray Firth)

By | June 13, 2012

We said goodbye to Wick after a refuling epic with containers – no alongside fuel but a very friendly harbourmaster and fuel staff – and left for Whitehills harbour on the south side of the Moray Firth.

We had planned to go to Banff, but the Wick harbourmaster advised us to try Whitehills; more depth of water and lot quieter.

Motored out of Wick in a swell coming in from the north but with very little wind. It was then a 50 nm motorsail with the main up for stability. Little to report on the trip except for our close passby of the Beatrice gas field.

As we closed the south shore of the Moray Firth – where Whitehills lay – the swell had increased.

Whitehills harbour is small so we took our sails down about a mile out. A quick call to the harbourmaster confirmed that it was alright to enter in the conditions we had.

Whitehills - obscured by the swell!

Whitehills – obscured by the swell!

It was a very tight entrance with a sharp left turn into the small inner harbour. The harbourmaster was taking pictures as we entered and it’s his photo below.

Dawn Treader entering Whitehills Harbour

Dawn Treader entering Whitehills Harbour

Whitehills is a very friendly place with the most accommodating harbour master we have met yet; and most have been excellent. He even gave us a lift up to the cafe at the top of the town so we could get supper.

Sunset at Whitehills Marina

Sunset at Whitehills harbour

Tomorrow we plan to head on for Peterhead 40nm along and down the coast before bad weather is due to hold us up for 2 days.

Here is a link to the Whitehills harbour website.

Passage Stats

Wick to Whitehills: 56nm / 9 hrs

Sailed: 0 hrs / motored 9 hrs

Total Distance so far: 1078 nm



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