June 14 – Whitehills to Peterhead

By | June 14, 2012

Left Whitehills for Peterhead at 07:00 to catch the tide east and down past Rattray Head – a notorious headland with overfalls and strong tides.

Devon like coast just east of Whitehills

Devon like coast just east of Whitehills

No wind. So when we left we motor-sailed along what was a very ‘Devon like‘ coastline. Green fields above sloping cliffs. The light on the shore was very striking and made up for the lack of wind.

Passed by Fraserburgh and then around the corner to Rattray Head. What an anticlimax. The head was all low sand hills plus a lighthouse. No overfalls.

Rattray Head

Rattray Head

A bit of traffic jam as we entered Peterhead harbour. The were ships eveywhere. We called the harbour master as required and had to wait our turn to enter behind big trawlers. In the early evening Bella Rosa – with Bob and Jean – arrived having come directly from Wick in their HR-37. After helping them tie up we all retired for a few G+Ts and swapped stories.

Peterhead harbour entrance

Peterhead harbour entrance

Now in Peterhead marina awaiting two days of forecasted bad weather.

Passage Stats

Whitehills to Peterhead: 40 miles / 7 hours

Sailed: 0 hrs / motored : 7 hrs

Total distance for the whole trip: 1112 nm


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