June 15 – Peterhead (Stormbound)

By | June 15, 2012

Its raining and the wind is blowing hard outside. We are stormbound in Peterhead – a large fishing port at the top northeast corner of Scotland.

The marina here is well sheltered and we have the cockpit cover deployed. Nice and cosy inside. It even gives us somewhere to dry our wet clothes.

Peterhead Marina

Peterhead Marina

The marina has good showers and loos but lacks any laundry or Wifi. These are both coming in the next phase according to the friendly harbourmaster. The local prison is behind the marina which is where I thought the showers might be!

We walked into Peterhead this morning – a mile away along the shore. The town has a typical big working port feel, which is not surprising because that is exactly what it is. Somewhat run down but certainly very busy; big trawlers and oil-rig support vessels.

Joe went to the Port Office to make sure he could pick up his fathers day card, which had been sent by special delivery for pickup tomorrow, only to find they are closed on Saturdays! It’s being forwarded to Wolverstone Marina in Suffolk , a week or so away, so all is not lost.

With the current forecast we are here until Sunday at least. Looking then to move down the coast and stop in Aberdeen. There are not many harbours on this stretch of coast which are accessible in easterly winds; and that is what has been forecast for the next few days. Aberdeen is an all-weather port but is not very yacht friendly so we expect to be tied up alongside a trawler.

Finally, here is a picture of Dawn Treader sailing along a few days ago in Scotland. Thanks to Bob and Jean in Bella Rosa for taking this as it is difficult to get a photo of your own boat actually sailing.

Dawn Treader Sailing in Scotland

Dawn Treader under full sail

More tomorrow …


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Heather Coombs on June 15, 2012 at 6:06 pm.

Hi Lads, esp Dave…. glad to hear you are cosy in your cabin! Foul weather down here today too. Saw Stella yesterday, popped in to say hello and make sure foul weather wasn’t making for foul humours…. and it wasn’t, she is in brilliant form., cleaning bug bitten her!!!! Love the blog, don’t log on too often so I catch up about once a week…. take care, Heather.


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